Which is the best web hosting plan in canada?

Joanie Mueller asked a question: Which is the best web hosting plan in canada?
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  • Shared Hosting - Canadian Web Hosting Shared hosting is perfect for those looking for cheap reliable web hosting. These plans are ideal for thosing looking to build personal sites, small business sites, blogs and much more. Our plans include Weebly website builder that can help you with your e-commerce needs. Compare Our Plans Web Hosting

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To run more than one site on a single web hosting plan, choose HostPapa. For the most cost effective plan, choose Web Hosting Canada. For all around great features, security and compatibility with WordPress, choose Bluehost or SiteGround.

The Wix eCommerce plan (Basic Store) is the best option to start your online store with, but whereas the bandwidth is unlimited, the storage is limited to 20GB. Higher plans offer more storage: Unlimited Store comes with 35GB, VIP Store with 50GB and Super Store has 75GB of storage.

The cheapest WordPress hosting plan is $5.95 per month, and the website builder itself starts at $3.84 per month. Unfortunately, these are only introductory offers for the first 36 months—the cheapest shared hosting plan, for example, costs $2.75 per month for the first three years before jumping to $6.95 per month when you renew the subscription.

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