Where can i find support for a2 hosting?

Brooklyn Reinger asked a question: Where can i find support for a2 hosting?
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  • The direct link is: https://my.a2hosting.com/submitticket.php?action=migration The Support team is available around the clock and is prepared to provide the technical support you need to make your website a success. To submit a support request, please login to our customer portal by clicking the “Log in for support” button below.

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Within your A2 hosting, go to the My Products & Services page, and click on Manage. This page should now list all the details of your hosting, along with 2 or 4 Nameservers. Make a note of the ...

You also get a range of support options – A2 Hosting provides online tickets, a searchable knowledge base, global phone lines, and a live chat feature, where you can hear directly from the Guru Crew. This is all seems great at first glance, but we wanted to know how good A2 Hosting’s support really was.

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