What's the news on the royal family?

Calista Christiansen asked a question: What's the news on the royal family?
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How many children are in the royal family?

  • Only those born into the Royal Family can be in line to the throne. Queen Elizabeth II and her late husband, the Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Philip, had four children, and have eight grandchildren, and 10 great-grandchildren. Those who marry a royal also become a member of the Royal Family.


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👉 Which is the most accurate news source for the royal family?

  • NewsNow aims to be the world's most accurate and comprehensive aggregator of news about the UK Royal Family. This page will bring you the latest breaking headlines, and updates automatically and continuously 24/7.

👉 What is the british royal family website?

  • This is the official web site of the British Royal Family. Written and managed by the Royal Household at Buckingham Palace, the site aims to provide an authoritative resource of information about the Monarchy and Royal Family, past and present.

👉 How many people visit the royal family website each year?

  • On average over 12 million people globally visit the current Royal website each year. The Royal Household will launch the beta version of the new website representing the Royal Family and the institution of Monarchy on the evening of 7 April 2016. The site will be accessible at www.royal.uk.

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