What was the world's population in ad 1?

Titus Bruen asked a question: What was the world's population in ad 1?
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300 million

By 1 A.D., the population had reached 300 million, which indicates a growth rate of 0.0512% per year. Life expectancy at birth averaged 10 years for most of human history. The birth rate would have to be about 80 per 1000 just for the species to survive.

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World population 1500 ad- 2028 ad || world population history (1500-2028)

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Historical Population of World, 1 AD to Future. This chart shows the historical population statistics of World - 1 AD onwards.

History Of Humanity - World Population By Region Overtime: General History: Dec 8, 2019: What do you think the current US population would have been right now without one or both of the World Wars? Speculative History: Oct 6, 2019: A map of the world's cities/urban areas by population from 1950 to 2035: General History: Aug 9, 2019

Luke 2:1–5. The population two thousand years ago is estimated to have been 231 million. At this time North and South America were sparsely populated, as was Asia Pacific. The estimated population of New Zealand was zero.

Published estimates for the 1st century (" AD 1 ") suggest uncertainty of the order of 50% (estimates range between 150 and 330 million).

Keep in mind that we really didn’t reach 1 billion up until the 1800s A.D and the realistic scientific estimates for the world population in 1 A.D max out at just 400 million. Also modern humans supposedly appeared between 1 to 200 thousand years ago.

While world population growth in a sense transcends the narrative of human history, it has important implications both for the writing of history and prediction of its future course. First, the space given particular peoples and regions in books of world history should roughly mirror their populations.

This is a list of states by population in 1 C.E.. Estimates are for the beginning of the year. Country/Territory Population c. 1 C.E. estimate Percentage of World Population World 255,000,000 - Han dynasty 57,674,000 22.62% Roman Empire subdivisions Egypt - 7,000,000 45,000,000 17.65% Satavahana dynasty 7,000,000-10,000,000 Parthian Empire subdivisions Iranian Plateau - 4,000,000 Seleucia - 600,000 8,000,000 3.14% Xiongnu 2,000,000 0.78% Dacia 2,000,000 0.78% Kingdom of Meroe ...

The population continued to grow exponentially. The world saw 3 billion by 1959 and 5 billion by 1987. Today, human population has surpassed 7 billion. Increased Strain on Resources . The size of the earth doesn’t change to support human population. The environment available to people has a finite supply of resources including food, space, and energy.

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World population history (1 c.e. - 2050 c.e.)