What makes a good web hosting service?

Beatrice Mayert asked a question: What makes a good web hosting service?
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Good web hosting companies will promise, and deliver, on a very high percentage of uptime. Great Web hosting companies go the extra mile by offering: Duplicate servers within one data center: if the server your website is on goes down, a duplicate server kicks in so there's no uptime interruption.

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Want to jump straight to the answer? The best web hosting provider for most people is definitely Hostinger. Web hosting services come in all shapes and sizes. Shared hosting, dedicated hosting, VPS, managed hosting, server cores, different RAM, CDNs, SSL certificates. It’s endless. We’ve managed hundreds of websites ourselves over our careers.

A good company is many things, but the best in the industry thrive and stand out due to their commitment to stellar customer support, security, and site speed. Think of these as the three S's of good web hosting service i.e., speed, security, and support.

A professional web hosting service ensures a hassle-free experience for business owners, so they can efficiently focus their time and effort on their businesses.

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