What is inmotion hosting?

Theodora Kassulke asked a question: What is inmotion hosting?
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  • InMotion hosting is a website hosting company founded by Todd Robinson & Sunil Saxena in the United States of America. The company has over 300 working employees in InMotion hosting to serve the customers all over the world. InMotion Web Hosting servers located in Los Angeles, California, and Ashburn is the second place,...

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What is InMotion Hosting? InMotion Hosting is an independent provider of web hosting services in addition to complementary website products such as domain names, website builders, web design, and email services. They offer web hosting services ranging from shared to VPS to dedicated along with custom products such as WordPress and Reseller hosting.

Managed Hosting is an on-demand hourly or monthly IT professional service and support package. Custom server solutions; Application optimization

InMotion Hosting is a US-based hosting company that started as a small project back in 2001. This means that it’s been in the hosting business for a whole 20 years. What’s even more impressive is that it’s an entirely employee-owned company.

InMotion Hosting webmail for free. Alongside a domain name, InMotion web hosting will also give you a professional email to use with your website. When you want to advertise your business, having a professional email will give you more credibility. Not to mention that it complements the brand you create with a website.

The number one reason to choose VPS hosting is dedicated resources. Powerful resources at your fingertips give your VPS server dedicated resources such as RAM, CPU, and storage. Combine those resources with the reliability, security, speed, and privacy, and you have a platform that is ready for heavy traffic and large-scale applications.

InMotion Hosting hosts a web site that is practically a full second (0.8 s) faster than GoDaddy hosts. It is evident that InMotion Hosting’s “Max Speed Zone,” which it calls speed improvements, might be the cause of the substantial performance rating differences (as shown by GTmetrix data).

You can choose to host it yourself for free, for example with a host like InMotion Hosting, or you can choose to host it directly with Piwigo, which has associated costs after a free 30-day trial. With the self-hosted option, you run the software on your own web hosting, providing PHP and a MySQL database.

InMotion Hosting is now a Corporate Sponsor of the OpenStack Foundation Why is On-Demand OpenStack Important for SMBs? Ceph Octopus with BlueStore Performance and Tuning

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