What is clownfish hosting?

Jermaine Pacocha asked a question: What is clownfish hosting?
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  • In the ocean, clownfish live under the shelter of corals and sea anemones, i.e., they “host” them. Sea anemones and corals are quite different, as corals have a sort of skeleton and are harder, whereas anemones are soft and filled with water and can be rather squishy.

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Clownfish are certainly known for their odd behavior. I've got a few that pick a corner as their "home" but are always wiggling around. I'd be concerned too if I saw one stop moving its fins and begin to lean over like that on the sandbed.

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A clownfish hosting with an anemone is a magical and beautiful thing, something most people in the hobby love to watch their symbiotic relationship and see the clownfish almost dancing with the anemone. Unfortunately, some clownfish are known to host in

The clownfish-sea anemone symbiosis is an icon of Info-Pacific coral reef communities. While the systematics and evolution of the ~30 species of clownfish have been heavily studied, the clownfish-hosting sea anemones are poorly represented in phylogenetic studies of sea anemones and their placement within the sea anemone phylogeny remains broadly unknown.

In this video, I talk about Clownfish... Is Clownfish Voice Changer a Virus? Here's all you need to know about the topic. I've had some comments recently say...

In the right flow, clownfish will start hosting in those. Can clownfish live in tap water? No, you cannot. Clown fish are salt water fish and the rest you have named are all tropical/freshwater fish. Clownfish are saltwater fish and need saltwater. Freshwater will kill

Clownfish have been known to host many things other than anemones, including feather dusters and toadstool corals after rejecting every anemone presented to it. Some aquarists believe that tank-raised clownfish do not host anemones as readily as wild-caught

However, of the approximately 1,000 known anemone species, there are only 10 types of anemones known to host clownfish. The clown hosting anemones are found in parts of the Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean where there are tropical currents. Sea Anemone Habitat: The clown fish anemones only exist in shallow waters to depths of 164 feet (50 m).

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