What is becker cpa?

Maegan Weimann asked a question: What is becker cpa?
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Becker cpa review 2021

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  • Who / What Is Becker CPA. Becker CPA is the brain child of Newt Becker that began his public CPA review course in 1960. It quickly grew during the 80s and 90s offering live classes in 90 different cities all using Newt’s trademarked teaching style and format (a one size fits all study model).

Video answer: Becker cpa review

Becker cpa review

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Becker is a global leader in CPA Exam Review & continuing professional education driving student success for over 60 years in various fields such as Accounting and Finance. Learn more! CPA Review Courses & Exam Prep | Becker

A Certified Public Accountant (CPA) is an accounting professional who has met state licensing requirements to earn the CPA designation through educational training, experience and passing the CPA Exam. What does a CPA do? The CPA is not a career path or job title, but a professional designation that can allow accounting professionals more flexibility and mobility in their career.

One of the highlights of the Becker CPA Review course, and something you don’t get with other providers, is the bundle of simulated exams. Becker provides 3 full-length, simulated exams per section, or 12 in total. And unlike other CPA prep providers who provide practice tests, but just recycle problems from their question bank, the questions you get on the Becker simulated exams are never before seen.

The Becker CPA Review Program offers a reliable, no-nonsense approach to preparing for the CPA exam. It’s one of the oldest CPA review courses available and is highly regarded for the quality of its study material. Additionally, one feature that makes the Becker CPA prep course stand out from the competition is that the Big 4 accounting firms endorse it.

Although Becker is unquestionably one of the most comprehensive and effective ways of preparing for the CPA exam for most learners, the high price might scare off a lot of students. Additionally, Becker’s frequent updates and constant efforts to keep their courses engaging, current, and as close to the exam as possible are impressive.

Becker CPA Review is accessible from any device, including smartphones and tablets via their iOS and Android app, giving you unlimited access to the course and great flexibility in your study options. Your course progress automatically synchronizes across your devices too so you’ll always be up to date. Becker’s standard license to their software is 24 months but with the Premium and Pro level courses you’ll have unlimited access until you pass the exam.

Best way to study for BEC CPA Exam with Becker. BEC covers a range of content, everything from corporate governance to economics to information technology. Since it includes so many topics, review all material suggested by your Becker course. Practice the written communications that come with your Becker course.

If you're using or used Becker, this spreadsheet is for you. This google sheet takes your mock exam scores and compares it to your actual scores. Please input your data, EVEN IF YOU FAILED.

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Becker cpa exam review course demo: financial f4