What does live area of an ad mean?

Richard Kub asked a question: What does live area of an ad mean?
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The live area is an area within a page that is designated a safe area for all content. In print ads, the live area it typically 3/8” inside the trim, or in some cases it can be as wide as 1/2”. Imagery and content meant to bleed will extend beyond both the live area and the trim.

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The live area is the area where all the important text and images appear. The trim size in the actual cut size of the final printed piece. Trim Area vs. Live Area For example, the trim size of a standard business card is 3.5 inches by 2 inches.

Safe area on many print ads can be as little as .125” or as large as 1”. If your advertisement is going to be a poster that will also be displayed within a metal frame, the safe area might be even larger to accommodate for the overlap

The live area is the area in which your printer deems a safe zone for important text or images. This is an area of your printed piece that they can deem safe from cropping. See the example image below depicting the different zones

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