What does ad valorem equivalent mean?

Rachael Bednar asked a question: What does ad valorem equivalent mean?
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Ad valorem tax is a type of tax which is based on the property value of the properties such as real estate or personal property. The most common tax of this type is the real estate tax. This tax sometimes applies to other tax applications such as import taxes.

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Ad valorem tax for municipal assets is referred to as real estate tax,' and it's one of the most important sources of revenues for local governments. Calculating Ad valorem Equivalent Tax Amount. Ad valorem value taxes are typically calculated on the first of January every year.

Definition of Ad Valorem Equivalent in the Financial Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. What is Ad Valorem Equivalent? Meaning of Ad Valorem Equivalent as a finance term. What does Ad Valorem Equivalent mean in finance?

Ad Valorem Equivalent In international commerce, a tax on an import that is expressed as a percentage of the value of the import. It is applied during a tariff adjustment. See also: Ad valorem tax.

Known as ad valorem equivalents (AVE), they convert specific duties into ad valorem terms because members, including the EU, have a substantial number of their tariff lines expressed as specific duties. The talks on agriculture were suspended on April 19 when the EU refused to go along at the last moment with the filter formula for determining ...

For LDCs' textiles and clothing exporters, tariff protection in terms of ad valorem equivalents has actually increased: barriers in OECD countries rose from 3.0% to 5.5% for textiles and from 7.5% to 8.3% for garments from LDCs.

An ad valorem tax is a tax based on the assessed value of an item, such as real estate or personal property. The most common ad valorem taxes are property taxes levied on real estate. The Latin...

Definition - What does Ad valorem equivalent (AVE) mean. Rate of tariff or tax on an item that equals the amount payable if it was taxed on the basis of its value. Source: Ad valorem equivalent (AVE) là gì? Business Dictionary

AD VALOREM. According to the value. This Latin term is used in commerce in reference to certain duties, called ad valorem duties, which are levied on commodities at certain rates per centum on their value. See Duties; Imposts; Act of Cong. of March 2, 1799, s. 61 of March 1, 1823 s. 5.

Definition of ad valorem in the Definitions.net dictionary. Meaning of ad valorem. What does ad valorem mean? Information and translations of ad valorem in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

Ad valorem taxes (mainly real property tax and sales taxes) are a major source of revenues for state and municipal governments, especially in jurisdictions that do not employ a personal income tax. Virtually all state and local sales taxes in the United States are ad valorem.

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