Vps vs vds hosting?

Cloyd Keebler asked a question: Vps vs vds hosting?
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  • The difference between a VPS and VDS is simple. A VDS instance takes up the entire server whereas a VPS is a server configured to host multiple server instances. The VDS configuration essentially gives you the dedicated resources of a server, however, the virtualized layer sits on top of the server itself.

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VPS: VDS: More cost-effective. Expensive, compared to VPS. Hosts multiple server instances: Server instances take up the entire server: The operating system manages and controls server operation: Server hardware is responsible for managing and controlling server operation: VM places above a physical server to host VPS instance and share server resources

The main difference in VDS hosting compared to VPS hosting is the way in which the layer of virtualization – which sits between the hardware and the OS – functions.

For starters, it makes for a good middle ground between shared vs. VPS vs. dedicated hosting in terms of price to performance ratio. Since a VPS is an isolated system, clients looking for more freedom in what applications they want to run and how they can be configured could benefit from VPS hosting.

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