Volvo vds oil specification?

Angelo Rath asked a question: Volvo vds oil specification?
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Volvo VDS-3 oils are typically SAE 15W-40, 10W-40 or 10W-30 viscosity grades, based on API Group I or II base oils, with low levels of API Group III when required…

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Volvo VDS-5 is now available for 2021 engines and beyond. Designed by our own powertrain engineering team, this next generation oil provides more durability, efficiency, and reliability. Our Volvo VDS-5 formulation produces the following benefits: Fuel efficiency gain, up to 0.5% fuel economy improvement vs. 10W-30

Vds 3 Volvo Engine Oil Volvo Drain Specification (VDS) for VDS-3 and VDS-4 oil. VDS defines the Volvo Group requirements on engine oil specifications to ensure protection against e.g. cylinder-polishing, ring wear, camshaft/ valve train wear, high oil consumption. The VDS Standards defines the usage of engine

Volvo Specifications Volvo Truck, Bus and Construction issues its own set of requirements for service fill engine oils for use in their vehicles and equipment. These specifications detail the viscosity grades, ACEA/API oil sequence and additional physical, chemical and engine testing that must be conducted in order to obtain an approval.

laboratory. VDS-3 standard oil meets the strictest Volvo requirements and passes the quality requirements for the highest European diesel engine oil specification, ACEA E7. • Improved cleaning and lubricating properties Volvo Ultra Diesel Engine Oil has good cleaning and lubricating properties that help to increase the service life of the engine.

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