Vmware vds switch?

Wilfredo Erdman asked a question: Vmware vds switch?
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  • VMware vSphere Distributed Switch (VDS) provides a centralized interface from which you can configure, monitor and administer virtual machine access switching for the entire data center.

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Without the vSwitch, communication would not be possible between the virtual stack’s various layers, including the physical networking layer. Back in vSphere version 4.x, VMware released a new virtual switch type – the vSphere Distributed Switch (vDS).

This cmdlet retrieves vSphere distributed switches. Specifies vCenter Server container objects that you want to search for vSphere distributed switches. This parameter accepts Datacenter and Folder objects. Specifies the names of the vSphere distributed switches that you want to retrieve. Specify the cloud servers on which you want to run the ...

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