Vmware save vds configuration?

Elizabeth Hettinger asked a question: Vmware save vds configuration?
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  • To manually save or restore a vDS configuration, simply right-click on the switch’s name and choose Export Configuration from the Settings menu. You will then be prompted to save the exported configuration as a zipped file. Below, you will see how PowerCLI can be used to automate the process. PowerCLI Commands Used Today

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The release of vSphere 5.1 in 2012 brought the vSphere web client and the ability to export the vDS configuration. I will say the web client is still trying to make friends with most admins, but...

You can restore the virtual network configuration in cases of database or upgrade failure. You can also use a saved switch configuration as a template to create a copy of the switch in the same or a new vSphere environment. You can import or export a configuration of a distributed switch including its port groups.

Right-click the distributed switch and select Settings > Export Configuration. Choose to export the distributed switch configuration, or export the distributed switch configuration and all port groups. (Optional) Enter notes about this configuration in the Descriptions field. Click OK. Click Yes to save the configuration file to your local system.

Login to vSphere Web Client and select the vDS (which is fully configured) and right click on it and select Settings > Export Configuration. You can export either only vDS settings or can include port group settings (Security policy, NIC teaming, vLAN ID etc) as well.

DVSManagerExportEntity_Task – Export VDS or DvPortgroup Configuration DVSManagerImportEntity_Task – Import VDS or DvPortgroup Configuration To demonstrate these new vSphere APIs, I have written a very simple vSphere SDK for Perl script called vdsBackupMgr.pl which will allows a user to easily backup/export either a VDS and/or DvPortgroup configuration.

You can export vSphere distributed port group configurations to a file. The configuration file allows you to preserve valid port group configurations, enabling distribution of these configurations to other deployments. You can export port group information at the same time you export distributed switch configurations.

If you want to create new vDS for disaster recovery purpose and you are looking to apply via host profile then you can follow this procedure. The first step is to create the vDS without any attached hosts. Once that is done, you can attach it to the first host, using the appropriate vmnics as uplinks.

This gives you a quick restore method in case of issues or misconfigurations and also allows you to copy the entire VDS or port group configuration to a new VDS. This feature is detailed by this VMware KB and is available via the vSphere Web Client, below you can see how we would do this via the web client: Exporting the configuration with PowerCLI

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