Vin what does vds mean?

Austin Johnston asked a question: Vin what does vds mean?
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Vehicle Description Section

The VIN provides some information about the vehicle… The next five digits (4 through 8) are the Vehicle Description Section (VDS). These digits provide information on the body style, engine type, seat belt/airbag types, vehicle series, and model line respectively. The ninth digit is a check digit used internally.

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Today’s VIN contains 17 letters and numbers and is really a conglomerate of three sets of numbers: World manufacturer identifier (WMI): characters 1 through 3 Vehicle descriptor section (VDS): characters 4 through 8

Vehicle Descriptor Section (VDS) Letters and numbers in positions 4 through 9 is the Vehicle Descriptor Section. This information gives detailed information about the vehicle itself.

There are three groups in the modern VIN system standard is the World Manufacturer Identifier (WMI), Vehicle Description Section (VDS) and Vehicle Identifier Section (VIS). What Does the 10th Digit in a VIN mean? The 10 th character, which is found in the VIS, indicates the vehicle’s model year.

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