Vds veterinary dental?

Hipolito Kilback asked a question: Vds veterinary dental?
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  • VDS veterinary dental units carry extensive warranties and are backed by local service. pod high and low speed handpieces are designed specifically for veterinary dentistry with unique shapes and sizes that enable easy access to the small confines of the companion animal oral cavity.


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VDS veterinary dental units are built for the rigorous demands of veterinary dentistry and range from basic dental units and carts through to state-of-the-art specialist consoles. These may be air-driven or electric and are completely configurable to suit the varying needs of the smaller practice through to multi-site and specialist dental practices.

This program is endorsed by the European Veterinary Dental Society: Visit the European Congress in Nantes (FR)

VDS Veterinary Dental Luxators. Luxators are thinner and sharper than standard or winged elevators. A pushing and cutting motion is used to cut the periodontal ligament rather than stressing it.

Welcome to Sacramento Veterinary Dental Services (SacVDS), advanced veterinary dentistry services for dogs and cats in the Sacramento area. Many dental, oral, and maxillofacial surgeries require specialized tools, techniques, and training. At SacVDS, you will find compassionate service, up-to-date technology, and the knowledgeable veterinarians and ...

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