Using composer on shared hosting?

Camilla Nitzsche asked a question: Using composer on shared hosting?
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  • Steps to Install Composer on Shared Servers 1. You should enable the SSH access for your hosting account with us. 2. For accessing your account via SSH, download and install one of the available SSH clients. If you are using a... 3. Open your SSH client (here PuTTY ), type your domain name or IP ...

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As you can see, using Composer to manage the dependencies of your PHP project has nothing to do with your final choice of hosting for your live site. You should always have the ability to run your PHP website on your local computer and so you can deal with Composer there and it’s simply a case of transferring the right files to live.

1 minute read. To get composer running on a shared web hosting account at IONOS, you have to trick around a little bit. Here is how to get it working. Everybody, who tried to get composer running on a shared web hosting package at IONOS will have faced the same problem: the installed PHP-CLI version is pretty old. Something around PHP 4.4.

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