Unlimited sql database hosting?

Katlyn Schowalter asked a question: Unlimited sql database hosting?
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  • Winhost's Max and Ultimate ASP.NET hosting plans offer unlimited MS SQL databases. But if you only need a single MS SQL database, we recommend using the Basic ASP.NET hosting plan. We offer SQL 2019, SQL 2017, SQL 2016 and SQL 2014 as database options.

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Shared SQL Server Hosting. $ 4.99 /m. 50 GB Disk Space. 4 Domains. 4 MySQL Databases. 4 GB Maximum Database Size. 4 MSSQL Databases. Unlimited FTP Accounts. Unlimited Subdomains.

WebHostFace MySQL Hosting gives you the opportunity to create unlimited number of MySQL databases with just a couple of clicks. You have the freedom to set as many different usernames and passwords for each database and determine privileges for different users as per your needs.

If you are not satisfied with your hosting plan, you can get your money back in 45 days which is a bigger than average time frame. No matter which plan you choose, you get unlimited MySQL databases and phpMyAdmin as well. Shared plan prices start at $2.75 per month with the Hatchling plan.

In Windows Shared/ Windows Reseller hosting you can create MS SQL databases as per the resource allocated to your hosting plan. You cannot create MS SQL database with unlimited size in Windows Shared/Reseller Hosting, as you will get 500 MB storage space for each MS SQL database. If you need additional database storage space then you can contact our billing department.

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