University web hosting?

Monte Raynor asked a question: University web hosting?
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  • Activating UW Shared Web Hosting. Students, faculty, staff, departments, and courses are eligible to use the UW Shared Web Hosting servers.
  • URL Reference. Find out the location of your website.
  • Connect to a server using SSH. Open a remote terminal session to the web publishing environment using SSH.
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Google Sites. Stanford Domains. Stanford Sites. Drupal Hosting on Acquia. (AFS-based websites) Recommended Uses. Small, simple personal websites, project team sites, or portfolio or event websites that are short term. No Stanford branding provided; can be managed with little to no technical skill.

Hosting Services. OCIO Web Hosting Services. OCIO Web Hosting Services provide a robust, redundant, 24X7 web hosting platform for the OSU Community. These services have been built specifically for OSU and fully support the needs of the University for Web Hosting, via the industry standard LAMP architecture, or Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP; the key components of this system.

Due to university now using Google Sites for student hosting. ( (RAWS) RMIT Automated Web Services, Has been unmaintained since the change over from Novell Directory Services to Windows Active Directory and Google Apps in 2011.) Site is now offline however there are some archives saved in the wayback machine. Rowan University.

The Web Hosting service provides: One production site, one development site, and one test site Multi-site support (one site installation can support multiple URLs) Security compliant platform built on the university’s security standards and featuring security scans and new... Integration with OSU ...

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