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Electa Erdman asked a question: Unique ip hosting?
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A Unique IP is an IP address that is specific to your domain. When you add hosting to a domain/subdomain, it's assigned an IP on the Apache server which is shared with other sites. This shared IP address is most often the only IP you'll need.


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What is Unique IP? A Unique IP (Internet Protocol) is a unique addres on the internet dedicated completely to one hosting account. IP address routes internet traffic to the right place, the same way as a postal code. Many different people can share the same postal code which applies to the ip addresses as well.

The Best way to host blogs on Unique Multiple IP Hosting Using the SeekaHost App is the easiest and fastest way to host your WordPress blogs on unique IP addresses and get online. We have tested the system for security and use to host hundreds of our own blogs that has grown to become Google news approved blogs.

It is a unique hosting because it provides a unique IP address which uses a specific server and domain. Therefore, this website can only be reach by going to the certain domain or IP address. To get a unique IP address, one can simply place an order with any web hosting provider that offers this service.

A Unique IP is an IP address that is specific to your domain. When you add hosting to a domain/subdomain, it’s assigned an IP on the Apache server which is shared with other sites. This shared IP address is most often the only IP you’ll need.

Unique IP hosting is a situation where you have your own independent IP address which is not shared by any other customers on the server. With this type of IP hosting, you can be assured that your website is secured for it will not be threatened by any virus or problems associated with a shared IP address.

Top SEO Hosting has launched the Multiple C Class IP SEO Hosting services. Now you can create backlinks for your websites from a single hosting account managed in WHM. You don't need to be a SEO expert & a company to afford using this type of hosting. Now regular webmasters & freelancers can start creating their own backlinking sites using our Multiple C Class IP Hosting. Hosting Packages

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