Top server hosting company?

Rosina Schumm asked a question: Top server hosting company?
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  • Liquid Web. Liquid Web is a company that aims to be the best dedicated server provider by maintaining a narrow focus of dedicated hosting.
  • Bluehost. Bluehost is generally more focused on cost-effective solutions that take advantage of open-source software.
  • HostGator. Uptime: 99.99% HostGator is another company that has carved out a niche at the low end of the market, and it suffers in the dedicated server sphere for ...
  • A2 Hosting. Uptime: 99.98% At first blush, unmanaged dedicated servers from A2Hosting look like a really good deal.
  • SiteGround. Uptime: 99.99% The lack of an upfront explanation of what kind of operating system will be running on your dedicated server is perplexing.
  • GoDaddy. Uptime: 99.98% GoDaddy is one of the most annoying web hosting companies on the planet…
  • InMotion. Uptime: 99 to 99.99% InMotion Hosting is a company that's focused on attracting bloggers who want to make use of the WordPress platform.
  • Dreamhost. Uptime: 99.9% Unlike many dedicated server providers that also offer a ton of different products, Dreamhost isn't focused on hitting you with a sales pitch that screams, “Deals!
  • Mochahost. Uptime: 99.99% If that low starting price for MochaHost has you wondering what's the hitch, you're not wrong.
  • Amazon EC2. Uptime: 99.99% Another entrant in the dedicated server cloud hosting business is Amazon and its EC2 system.

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