The traffic class field inan ipv6 datagram serves the same function as what fields in an ipv4 datagram?

Rosalinda Hartmann asked a question: The traffic class field inan ipv6 datagram serves the same function as what fields in an ipv4 datagram?
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👉 The traffic class field in an ipv6 datagram serves the same funcition as which of the following fields in an ipv4 datagram?


👉 Which networking component included with windows 7 supports sending ipv6 traffic over ipv4 networks?

Teredo For IPv6 traffi c to make it across the Internet, some form of translation between IPv4 and IPv6 is required. This translation requires the use of special transition devices and software. Microsoft has included its own translation software, called Teredo, as part of the Windows 7 operating system. Teredo allows IPv6 traffi c to be embedded in legacy IPv4 traffi c and make it across the Internet to another Teredo client or Teredo relay, where it is turned back into IPv6 traffi c. The Teredo client is supported in Windows XP SP2, all versions of Windows Vista, all versions of Windows 7, and Windows Server 2003 SP1 or later server Editions.

👉 What is traffic class?

  • Traffic classification is an automated process which categorises computer network traffic according to various parameters (for example, based on port number or protocol) into a number of traffic classes. Each resulting traffic class can be treated differently in order to differentiate the service implied for the data generator or consumer.

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False. A yellow line separates traffic moving in opposite directions.

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How can i see traffic between two devices on the same network?

  • When I ping from to anything else or vice versa back to and use Wireshark I can see the traffic. Specifically I am constantly pinging or performing a 'ping of death' between devices. I can see the long list of pings, no problem.

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