The grid web hosting?

General Schamberger asked a question: The grid web hosting?
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  • The Grid is a form of shared hosting, but the Grid was engineered to be better from the start. It was designed and built with a few key features that make it faster and more reliable than shared hosting platforms:

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With the Grid's founding nearly 10 years ago we embarked on an expedition to the unknown that clearly wasn't your typical valley-safe niche but none of us expected this... Trust we are heads-down, all-in, no plan-b devoted to returning and sharing the bounty.

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For example, one grid-based design approach often used by web designers is called the 8pt Grid System, a concept introduced by Google’s Material Design guidelines. The Material Design system uses a grid that’s composed of 8 x 8 pt squares. In practice, each element on the page will be in multiples of/divisible by eight.

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