Should you run facebook ads on a schedule?

Piper Bednar asked a question: Should you run facebook ads on a schedule?
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How to set a facebook ads schedule with rules

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The scheduling feature is useful for saving time—you can set publish dates for your ads all at once. It also helps you reach your target audience more efficiently by restricting your ads to time slots when the majority of your audience will be online.

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Facebook ad scheduling

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If you've scheduled your ad to start running immediately, it starts running once it's been reviewed. If you want an ad to start running on a specific date in the future, you can: Create your ad in advance and turn it off, then turn it on when you want it to start running. Set a schedule while creating your ad set.

Use Instapage for your Facebook Ads How do I run my ads on a set schedule? Facebook’s ad creation tool makes it easy to schedule your campaigns. After you’ve determined your campaign objective, you’ll be taken to a page on which you can input your targeting, budget, and schedule: Instead of clicking “Run ads all the time,” select “Run ads on a schedule.” When you do that, this box will open up: Now all you have to do is click inside the boxes that represent the days and hours ...

4 – Next, select “Run ads on a schedule.” A box with dates and times of day will appear, and you can choose exactly when you want your ad to run. Facebook shows time blocks in one-hour increments. Schedule your ad by day, or choose to run your ad during the same time block every day.

Select Show More Options, hover over Ad Scheduling and select Edit. Select Run ads on a schedule. Click to choose the blocks of time you want your ad set to run. Click Continue. Your ad set is scheduled. Learn more

Use Facebook ad scheduling if the nature of your business means it could benefit from advertising at specific times of the day. For example: For example: When an ad click from a user requires a responding action in real time on your end.

Yes, running ads at certain times can help you grow your audience and make more sales, but only if you go into it with a clear understanding of why you’re promoting each thing, and where it fits in the bigger marketing picture.

Most marketers have heard recycled, anecdotal wisdom. Things like, “It’s best to run your ads on the weekend when most people are at home,” or “Run your ads during the early evening after people get home from work but before they eat dinner.”. But remember, the plural of anecdote isn’t data.

If you are running a Conversion Ad or Lead Generation Ad, there is a “learning phase” that the ad goes through so that Facebook can learn what type of people within your targeting complete the desired action. The learning phase is typically 50 events within a week or if you have more than that the ads can be optimized more quickly. The learning phase can vary and if you make changes to the ads the ad will have to go through the learning phase again (but it may be shorter depending on how ...

Select Run Ads on a Schedule. A block schedule pops up, showing the days of the week and hours of the day. You can choose specific hour blocks that are unique for each day or select certain hours for your post to run every day of the week. Do this by clicking on the schedule to choose when your ad will run.

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