Should i use unity ads or admob?

Jeanie Wisozk asked a question: Should i use unity ads or admob?
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Unity and admob rewarded video

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Unity ads only work with gaming publishers and app developers… Whereas, Admob currently provides native, interstitial, and rewarded video ads as its preferred ad formats. The eCPM rates for rewarded video ads is particularly strong in the Admob network with rates going as high as $20+ for tier one traffic.

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Adding admob ads to your unity game in 10 minutes

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Briefly Unity Ads vs AdMob: Unity advertisements best work with gaming publishers and app developers. It has best advert formats, particularly video advertisements and rewarded video advertisements. Whereas, AdMob presently gives native, interstitial, and rewarded video advertisements as its desired advert formats.

Additionally, you can use Admob to mediate with Unity ads to see the best of both the networks. We suggest you use an intelligent ad mediation platform like Appodeal that can optimize various ad networks, ad units and placements to give you the highest revenue out of every impression. Hope this comparison on Admob vs Unity Ads was helpful to you.

Admob and Unity ads are the two ad networks for the Mobile app monetization. If you are a app developer then you should know about the Admob Vs Unity ads comparison. In this Guide we have compared…

Yes ,You can use admob mediation,and put unity sdk and adapter in plugin. Unity ads support video only. and the admob plugin support banner,institial,video,and native ad. This is the plugin and it document. Admob Unity Plugin provides a way to integrate admob ads in Unity3D Game and u3d app.

On a bad day with a good app, you might earn 50 cents, but that depends on your definition of a “good”/strong app obviously. On an average day a good app (to me anyways) earns probably between 1–3€. I use Google Admob instead of Unity Ads, but that really doesn’t matter all that much, ads are ads, there is no difference that is that huge.

It is an outstanding feature that you can use both Admob or Unity Ads together. If there is a restriction, you can easily use Unity Ads. It is not much different from Admob. As we mentioned, Admob provides an extra redundancy as it allows for native ads.

You need to add Unity Ads to the mediation configuration for your AdMob ad unit (s). First sign in to the AdMob UI. If you're deploying your Unity app to both Android and iOS, you need two AdMob ad...

Using your own ad unit IDs for showing ads while testing can lead to permanent ban. After getting test ads to work you can be sure your code is alright. To be able to show real ads in app/game you must first setup payment information on Admob (you don't need to set up credit card, just the main information about you).

I was running into a similar problem, and it turns out that AdMob won't serve ads unless you have payment information set up. So make sure that is set up. Also, when switching from using the test ads to actual ads, you need to make sure to change your app ID as well as your unit ID. It looks like you may only be changing your unit ID.

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