Review of 1and1 web hosting?

Obie Ward asked a question: Review of 1and1 web hosting?
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1and1 web hosting review - tbwhs

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  • Overall rating 1&1 IONOS is a reliable hosting provider. It has an impressive uptime of 99.8%, while its hosting packages come with daily site backups, anti-spam protection, and lots of other useful features. Some of its offerings are stronger than others, though.

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Relative Performance 1&1 hosting has a decent uptime and they are claimed to have verified 99.9% uptime. Apart from that, 1&1 web hosting is capable of sending files to a browser at a very fast speed which is one of their pros. Also, the servers of 1&1 web hosting respond almost immediately.

A thorough assessment by this 1and1 web hosting review discovered that 1and1’s proprietary control panel is a very user-friendly application that is easily customized to optimize use. Website owners and webmasters will find that activities such as email use and domain management are easily controlled with the provided interface.

Reliable, but expensive and terrible customer service. 1and1 hosting provided little capability (no content management, outdated templates, and no database support) for a decent amount of money. For a non-profit social club, it was hard to justify the cost for the capability 1and1 provided.

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1 & 1 web hosting review 2014