Reseller hosting cpanel whmcs?

Dane Jerde asked a question: Reseller hosting cpanel whmcs?
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  • Reseller Hosting comes with WHMCS (on select plans) and cPanel which simplifies your Hosting Business. For customer management and billing, we offer you multiple options to suit your comfort. The OrderBox panel is power packed with features, with summarised views of customers and orders and pre-integrated payment gateways.

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As a Reseller Hosting Whm provider it’s important to have your hosting closest to your client base as possible. We have data center locations in Los Angeles, California; Dallas, Texas; Amsterdam and Singapore. When ordering you can choose the location nearest to your visitor base for the best possible website loading speeds.

All Reseller Hosting packages come with 2 separate Control Panels - WHM and cPanel. WHM gives you administrative control of your Reseller Hosting package and cPanel allows your Customers to manage their individual Hosting packages.

Our reseller hosting plans comes with a free WHMCS license that you can use to automate your web hosting business. The license remains free as long as you are with us. Free SSL Certificates

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