Redundant web hosting server?

Dina Carroll asked a question: Redundant web hosting server?
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Why’s servers are totally redundant

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What Is Redundant Hosting? Redundant hosting refers to a dedicated server that's hosted inside a data center that has back-ups and redundancies in place to keep your server up and running in even the most extreme conditions.

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Iis 7 web farm high availability and redundancy using arr, network load balance and mysql

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When you have your own offshore dedicated server, you get the entire web server for your entire use. This is a significant advantage when comparing offshore shared hosting vs. dedicated hosting. The server’s disk space, RAM, bandwidth, etc., now belong to you. You have exclusive use of all the CPU or RAM and bandwidth.

C1V Hosting offers Professional DDoS Protected Services at Affordable prices, while maintaining high quality and assistance.

Webspace Domain Webhosting Flexible Hostinglösungen - schnell, sicher, redundant. Geschwindigkeit, Sicherheit und Ausfallsicherheit des Webspace bzw. des Webservers sind zweifellos essentielle Erfolgsfaktoren im Internet. Aus diesem Grund finden Sie bei uns ausschließlich höchste Qualitätsstandards, Server-Systeme und Lösungen die exakt an Ihre Anforderungen zugeschnitten werden können.

We are hosting a saas infrastructure which can be reached through two redundant IIS web servers (IIS8.5, 2012R2 servers). These two web servers host about 20 websites for individual customers. Recently, one website went down (web.config was corrupted for some odd reason, but nothing to impressive). The problem was quickly found and dealt with, but ...

Our highly redundant web hosting architecture ensures that your virtual private servers and apps stay up and running even when components misbehave. VPS IP Address Our VPS hosting includes one IPv4 address.

The simplest way is likely to be to build a second, identical web server and use Microsoft's Network Load Balancing feature. There is a bit of planning involved, so I suggest reading the full implementation documentation on TechNet.

The redundant server reflects a production server to produce a mirror image of it. This means it has the same storage, applications and compute capacity all running under the very same configurations. However, the main difference here is that the redundant server is not online, and it is not utilised as a "live" server until it is needed.

1) Servers – Control server, HyperVisors, Backup Servers – all of these are enterprise class SuperMicro Branded servers. 2) SAN Arrays – We use multiple with 10K SAS drives in RAID 10 array. These have replication enabled and each array in itself is 100% redundant with multiple PSU’s, RAID controllers, RAID 10 disks, etc.

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Dedicated server explained in 1 minute!