Publicly traded web hosting companies?

Vicky Fritsch asked a question: Publicly traded web hosting companies?
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10 Largest Web Hosting Companies in the US

  1. GoDaddy — 20.8% of Websites…
  2. Amazon Web Services — 8.6% of Websites…
  3. Google Cloud Platform — 6.0% of Websites…
  4. Bluehost — 5.0% of Websites…
  5. HostGator — 3.7% of Websites…
  6. Liquid Web — 3.6% of Websites…
  7. Squarespace — 3.5% of Websites…
  8. 1&1 — 3.3% of Websites.

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10 biggest cloud computing companies in the world 11 best publicly traded cloud computing companies Adobe Systems Incorporated (ADBE) Alphabet Inc. (GOOGL) Amazon Com Inc (AMZN)

They own 1&1 Internet, which is supposedly the largest Web hosting company in the world. They're traded in Frankfurt or Munich, one of the two. You may also want to add United Online, Inc., which owns United Online Web Services, Inc. (previously known as Mega Web Services, About Web Services, and North Sky) and operates mySite, 50megs, FreeServers, CommunityArchitect, Global Servers and BizHosting.

We are an enterprise-centric technology company that takes the challenges of managing networked-AV off the shoulders of IT. We own the issues associated with AV standards, asset management, remote monitoring, support, and security.

Its business model is to create a content, communications, and community platform and advertising solutions in digital format. Founded in 1994, Yahoo! Became a publicly traded company in 1996.

Akamai · Akamai SSL · Akamai Edge · Akamai Global Host · Akamai Acerno · Akamai Hosted · Akamai DNS · Akamai EdgeConnect · Akamai mPulse · Akamai Kona Site Defender · Akamai Bot Manager: NASDAQ: AKAM BBG000BJQZX3 BBG001S7YHX0 BBG000BJQWD2: Alibaba Group Holding Limited Alibaba: NYSE: BABA: Alphabet Inc.

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