Php hosting script?

Scottie Douglas asked a question: Php hosting script?
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How to host any PHP script online | Step By Step

  • Host a PHP Script. If you are working as a developer and desired to host and install the web application i.e., PHP script online, then follow the above guidelines to ...
  • Getting Started…
  • Upload PHP Files to Your Server…
  • *Note: In your case, the file name can be different so, rename the files with your file name…
  • Create the Database…
  • Setup cronjobs…

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PHP scripts can be created using any basic text editor or HTML editing software tool. Each PHP file must be saved with a.php file extension in order to be recognized as a functioning PHP script. When the Apache server has the appropriate settings, PHP code can be recognized also in.html files.

2. Tequila – File Hosting PHP Script. Tequila is a powerful PHP file hosting script which will let you add a scalable file sharing functionality on your website. One of the safest, secure and faster script which helps you to upload, manage and share your files online.

MySQL Backup Utility - PHP script to make SQL commands to delete, insert, and modify MySQL database table entries. Useful for: (1) When you update your database offline and import the changes to online database; or. (2) When you update your database online and want a SQL backup of the changes.

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