Php application hosting server?

Cesar Ondricka asked a question: Php application hosting server?
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  • XAMPP is one of the most commonly used open source PHP servers for hosting applications locally. It allows web developers to easily test applications, as it comes with pre-installed web tools like MySQL, PHP, PERL, FileZilla and others. It is also the very first of such platform, that is why a lot of developers recommend XAMPP.

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PHP 7.3 Ready Servers All our PHP cloud hosting servers are preconfigured with PHP 7.3. Combined with our powerful and optimized stack, you get powerful performance.

Simply write your code, commit your changes, and just push to the remote repository. Based on your Dockerfile, an image will be built and your application containers will be deployed. Run your code without any customization. Engine Yard automatically analyzes your code, creates containers, and runs them on Kubernetes clusters.

The LiteSpeed Web Server is a highly scalable PHP web server with high performance and low memory consumption. It is built based on the best practices of the PHP hosting, utilizing the benefits of both Apache and NGINX implementations, and integrating its own optimizations. The feature-rich structure of the LiteSpeed application server includes the following specifics: an … Highly-Loaded PHP ...

Application Server Hosting Cloud is a metaphor for the internet while an application is a computer software which performs specific tasks. It follows that application cloud is a software offered to the users by cloud providers but the user needs not to install the software, upgrade or maintain the application servers.

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