Peoplesehost web hosting prices?

Jamir Stokes asked a question: Peoplesehost web hosting prices?
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  • PeoplesHost allows you to host unlimited websites and unlimited cPanel accounts. The Linux reseller hosting plans vary in the amount of RAID 10 storage you get. It ranges from 30GB to 100 GB. The Peoples Host price starts at $29 a month.


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Everest cast is the most worlds advanced auto dj panel on the market allowing you to stream both Shoutcast and Icecast at the same time Starting at: $ 7.50 /month

👉 web hosting prices?

  • HostGator. Uptime: 99.99% Money-Back Guarantee? HostGator is a reliable and affordable option for ASP.NET hosting, with prices starting at just $4.76 per month.
  • GoDaddy. Uptime: 99.97% Money-Back Guarantee? GoDaddy offers Windows hosting for ASP.NET users, with prices starting at $5.99 per month.
  • Hostinger. Uptime: 99.91% Money-Back Guarantee? ...

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Hosting Type Plan Name Storage Bandwidth Price/mo Renewal; 1: Shared: Launch: unlimited: unlimited: $6.39: $7.99: 2: Shared: Power: unlimited: unlimited: $8.49: $9.99: 3: Shared: Pro: unlimited: unlimited: $14.71: $15.99: 4: WordPress Managed: WP-1000S: 40 GB SSD: unlimited: $6.99: $8.99: 5: WordPress Managed: WP-2000S: 80 GB SSD: unlimited: $9.99: $12.99: 6: WordPress Managed: WP-3000S: 120 GB SSD: unlimited: $12.99: $16.99: 7

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I have been a PeoplesHost client for four months now and have nothing but good things to say about my account rep and the web hosting services offered. Great service at an affordable price. It has saved me a substantial amount of money on my web hosting needs each month.

Supporting the latest .NET framework and technologies including ASP.NET Core 2.0. Basic. $ 10 /mo as low as. 5GB SSD Storage. 10GB Monthly Bandwidth. 500MB Application Pool Memory Limit. 5GB Database Limit. Free Domain Name*.

Access your Windows VPS through Remote Desktop (RDP) to install and run your own personal applications. We guarantee you’ll be satisfied or your money back! Basic. $ 39 /mo as low as. 4 CPU Cores. 30GB SSD Storage RAID10. 2GB Dedicated RAM. 2 IPs. Unmetered Premium Bandwidth.

cPanel Control Panel. All of our shared hosting plans come with the #1 control panel in the world. Basic. $ 8 /mo as low as. 5GB SSD Storage. 10GB Monthly Bandwidth. Free Domain Name*. Free Daily Backups. Free Osclass Setup.

cPanel Control Panel. All of our shared hosting plans come with the #1 control panel in the world. Basic. $ 8 /mo as low as. 5GB SSD Storage. 10GB Monthly Bandwidth. Free Domain Name*. Free Daily Backups. Free MediaWiki Setup.

PeopleSoft cuts hosting prices. The company is slashing prices for its software hosting services, the second time in three months it has cut prices in an effort to jump-start its hosting initiative.

WordPress hosting with WooCommerce installed and set up for you. Start selling products online with our WooCommerce hosting packages. Risk free for 60 days!

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