Paid photo hosting?

Retta Abbott asked a question: Paid photo hosting?
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Best image hosting websites of 2021: Handpicked free and paid providers

  • InMotion Hosting + Piwigo.
  • SmugMug.
  • Google Photos.
  • Flickr Pro.
  • Imgur.
  • SmugMug is a paid image hosting and sharing service that allows for the sale of digital media to professional photographers as well. Hence, using SmugMug you can also make some money out of your photography skills. With SmugMug, you can either sell, share or protect your digital media including images and videos.

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Some don’t even require registration. Photo hosting sites that have paid services are available in the range of $3 to $17 per month. Some services like Google Photos offer enough storage for free, but one can buy more storage at an additional cost. Services like Amazon Prime Photos provide storage of 100 GB for $1.99 per month.

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