Nmos vgs vs vds?

Marion Metz asked a question: Nmos vgs vs vds?
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  • of an NMOS vs. the voltage between the drain and the source, VDS. VDS varies between 0V and 5V in 1mV steps, and 6 graphs are shown. Each represents a different value for VGS: 0V through 5V in 1V increments.


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👉 What is vds in a nmos?

MOSFET is a symmetrical device that means source and drain can be interchanged (if body is not short circuited to any of the drain or source). For an NMOS to pass VDD (logic 1) from input node to output node gate should be logic 1. And the node out gets gradually charged from 0 towards VDD.

👉 Is the nmos valid for vds < 0?

  • We learn that an NMOS is in the triode region for Vds < Vgs - Vth, and in this case the drain current has a given expression. My question is, is this also valid for Vds < 0 ? What happens in this case? A MOSFET's channel is bidirectional so it will conduct equally well in both directions as long as the Vgs turn-on voltage is maintained.

👉 How does a nmos work with negative vds?

  • As long as you don't forward bias that diode the MOSFET works in both directions. Almost all discrete MOSFET has built-in parasitic diode (body diode with cathode on the drain, anode on the source for N-channel). This diode will not conduct until drain voltage will be lower then the source voltage. If Vds > -0.6V body diode is OFF.

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lecture 31: NMOS Characteristics - ID vs VGS - ID vs VDS - Linear Region - Saturation Region. Watch later.

Vds < Vgs - Vt This region is called the non-saturation Region or linear region where the drain current increases linearly with Vds. When Vds is increased the drain side becomes more reverse biased(hence more depletion region towards the drain end) and the channel starts to pinch. This is called as the pinch off point. c) Vgs > Vt Vds > Vgs - Vt

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