Newspaper advertising tips: what makes a good ad layout?

Claudia Flatley asked a question: Newspaper advertising tips: what makes a good ad layout?
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An effective ad layout must flow well together… The largest part of your advertisement, the picture, should cover 60% to 70% of the ad space. People read from top to the bottom and left to the right , so you should place your body copy below the main picture and it should take up 15% of the ad page.

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One of the most important tips when you are creating your newspaper ad is to choose a minimalist design. Don’t let your ad look too crowded or busy, but instead, make use of the white space where you can. Newspaper ads can look so crowded that readers quickly skim over everything instead of paying attention to what the ads are saying.

What makes a good newspaper ad design? Newspaper ads are another form of advertisement. The main goal of posting a newspaper ad design is to attract the reader’s attention and motivate them to take action. No matter if you are using local or national newspaper advertising. One thing that has a huge impact on the level of your ad success is ...

Tip #1 - Minimalist Design. Don’t make your newspaper look crowded or too busy. Use lots of white space where you can. Newspapers have always looked crowded in the past, but modern design tends to use more white space, thus giving more importance to the images and text you do have on a page.

Use black and white space effectively. Because newspapers are mostly words and crowded advertising space, large areas of white or black tend to attract the reader's eye. Consider using minimal teaser text on larger black or white fields for your entire ad or for your headline area. This will make your ad stand out above others on the page.

Be who you are, work hard to make your ads reflect exactly who you are, and flood them with benefits to your customer. Use a simple advertising format layout. Develop a single format, which presents the same look in all your ads. Adopt a distinctive logo to use in every print ad. A thin-line border allows maximum space for your message.

Notice the use of different blues in the ad below: Don't use too many bold, bright or loud colors on your print ad. Otherwise, the focus might be drawn away from the main message of your ad. You can use bold color for accenting or to make a certain message or image stand out, but use it sparingly.

A: Many newspaper ads work well without photographs or artwork. This is especially true in the case of service ads. But whether you are running straight copy or an elaborate multi-photo advertisement, your ad must look professional. Q: What is the best day to run my ad? A: This depends on the product or service category you fall into.

Tell Your News. Take Away Their Fear. Call To Action. Make It Seem Urgent. Use Testimonials. Use Exciting Graphics. Complete Contact Information. It is important that business owners understand the basics of writing a good advertisement. All businesses need promotion.

The use of motion lines, highlights and shadows helps to capture these two contrasting shapes and create individual pieces of movement. Using movement in your advertisements helps to create a dynamic design out of an otherwise flat medium, and helps to represent speed and movement.

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