New irn bru sugar content can?

Montana Leuschke asked a question: New irn bru sugar content can?
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  • From January 2018 Irn Bru will contain approximately 50% less sugar. The move is part of a sugar-reduction programme by AG Barr before the Soft Drinks Industry Levy comes into effect in 2018. Regular Irn Bru sugar content will reduce from 10.3g to 4.7g per 100 millilitres. This will reduce the calorie count per can from just under 140 to about 66.


The 75cl retro glass bottles will be flogged for £2 a pop from December 2. Drinkers were outraged as AG Barr more than halved Irn-Bru sugar content to 4.7g last April and replaced it with a sweetener-laced fizz.

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