Network solutions web hosting uptime?

Rowland Quitzon asked a question: Network solutions web hosting uptime?
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  • Worry-Free Uptime Reliability Network Solutions ® ensures that your Web hosting service remains trouble-free. Features such as our reliable 99.99% Unix® uptime* rating and automatic backup and restore give you peace of mind knowing your online presence will be consistent and dependable.

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The uptime for Windows users is 99.9%. Each uptime calculation is measured by the uptime for the entire customer base across all hosting systems for Network Solutions. Scheduled maintenance to Network Solutions systems is excluded from the calculation of the uptime for UNIX and Windows users as well as events causing downtime that are outside of the control of Network Solutions or are caused ...

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Network Solutions Introduction. Network Solutions offers basically every service related to website development that there is: domain registration, website builders, marketing, design, and of course, web hosting.. Who Owns Network Solutions? Network Solutions became part of the family in 2011. owns other brands like is a lot of crossover between these ...

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