Net windows core hosting server?

Pierre Hodkiewicz asked a question: Net windows core hosting server?
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On the .NET Core runtime download page under Windows, select the Server Hosting Installer link to download the .NET Core Windows Server Hosting bundle .

  • Navigate to the .NET All Downloads page .
  • Select the latest non-preview .NET Core runtime from the list ( .NET Core > Runtime > .NET Core Runtime x.y.z ). Unless...
  • On the .NET Core runtime download page under Windows,...

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Earlier versions of the installer. To obtain an earlier version of the installer: Navigate to the Download .NET Core page. Select the desired .NET Core version. In the Run apps - Runtime column, find the row of the .NET Core runtime version desired. Download the installer using the Hosting Bundle link.

Windows Server Hosting is designed for those developing in Classic ASP, or .Net Core along with need to use Microsoft SQL, Microsoft Access or MySQL/MariaDB databases. Dell PowerEdge Servers with Enterprise SSD Storage. Latest Microsoft Windows Server & SQL Server Web Edition. MailEnable with Plesk Obsidian!

The ASP.NET Core Runtime enables you to run existing web/server applications. On Windows, we recommend installing the Hosting Bundle, which includes the .NET Runtime and IIS support. IIS runtime support (ASP.NET Core Module v2) 13.1.21075.14

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