Need for web hosting services?

Jermain Ward asked a question: Need for web hosting services?
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  • The short answer is: yes. If you want to have a website, you need web hosting. But you may feel better about the expense involved if you understand what website hosting is all about. What is Web Hosting? We talk about the web like it’s something that exists outside of physical space.

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What is Web Hosting? For users to be able to reach your website, you need to have two things in place: 1) a hosting service, and 2) a domain name. A web host is an organization that provides the technology and services required to access a website through the internet. is a “self-hosted WordPress,” meaning you need hosting and a domain name before starting your WordPress site. Using has several pros, such as: Highly customizable– install themesand pluginsto create a website that looks and works the way you want. Custom domain– you have total control over your website address.

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