Move email hosting to google?

Adella Stroman asked a question: Move email hosting to google?
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Migrate data from Gmail

  1. Sign in to your Google Admin console…
  2. From the Admin console Home page, go to Data migration.
  3. Click Set Data Migration Up.
  4. Under Migration Source, select Gmail.
  5. Click Start.
  6. Under Migration Start Date, accept the option that appears or choose a start date for your migration.

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The transfer doesn't include calendar events and resources, contacts, Google Drive files, Google Sites, or any other non-mail content. Allow your users to migrate their own email to Google...

Using the Google Workspace Migration Tool. You may use the steps provided below to migrate email using Google's migration tool. If your domain does not have an SSL certificate, you will not be able to use this migration method and will need to use the manual migration method. The only exception to this is for our Grid customers.

Select the Accounts and Import tab and under the Send Mail As section, click on the make default link next to your domain email address. This way, each time you click on the Send or Reply buttons, your email message will be sent out from your domain email address by default, instead of your Gmail address.

When you’re ready, the big step will be to migrate emails from Outlook to Gmail. Thankfully, Google makes the Outlook to Gmail migration process relatively simple. When you’re ready to import your old messages and contacts, head to Settings in the upper-left corner of the desktop app, and click Accounts and Import.

Looking for someone to migrate email history which is currently at WPX Hosting to Google G Suite Email Hosting and configure settings to point to help desk. We are looking for a fast solution, so you must have done this job before and are familiar with Google G Suite Email Hosting. There are 4 main email accounts.

Download and run BitRecover cPanel to Gmail Software on your system. Choose an option of IMAP from the given list of emails sources. Enter the credentials of your IMAP account to perform data migration. Click on the Login button.

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