Mosphet vds equation?

Kathryn Marvin asked a question: Mosphet vds equation?
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  • 1.1 Drain-Source Voltage (VDS ) VDS represents MOSFET absolute maximum voltage between Drain and Source. In operations, voltage stress of Drain-Source should not exceed maximum rated value. Where is VDS on a Mosfet? The voltage at the drain is then: Vd=Vdd × RD((RG2+RG1+RGD) × RDSRG2+RG1+RGD+RDS)

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Lecture 10 ­ MOSFET (II) MOSFET I­V Characteristics (cont.) October 13, 2005 Contents: 1. The saturation regime ... VDS=VGS-VT 0 VDS . 6.012 ­ Microelectronic Devices and Circuits ­ Fall 2005 Lecture 10­5 ... • charge control equation inaccurate around VT

as the depletion region. After this occurs, at VDS= (VGS VT H), if you makeVDS larger, the current IDdoes not change (to zero approximation). This is because any additional VDSyou add will get dropped across the depletion region and won't

MOSFET: layout, cross-section, symbols polysilicon gate source gate body channel p p n n p+ n+ n+ n+ p + n n+ ... VDS n+ water n+ n+ p S D B depletion region inversion ... Simple linear first-order differential equation with one un-

VDS=VDD – IDRD In this equation ID will be equal to K (VGS – VGS (th)) 2 we have discussed this expression in last tutorial about MOSFET. In drain feedback bias circuitry shown in figure the gate current is very less and so there will be no voltage drop about the resistance RG. So VGS = VDS.

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