Migrate vmkernel vss to vds?

Thelma McDermott asked a question: Migrate vmkernel vss to vds?
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Video answer: Vsphere 6 - migrate virtual networking from vss to vds

Vsphere 6 - migrate virtual networking from vss to vds

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How to migrate vSS to vDS

  • The vmkernel is migrated – as in moved – from the standard switch to the distributed switch, and the vSS is thus...
  • Even if vCenter goes down and the management of the vDS is not possible then everything will still run fine as vSphere...


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👉 How to migrate vmkernel adapters to vds?

  • Right-click the vDS and select menu Add and Manage Hosts. Add hosts to the vDS. Click the green Add icon (+), and add all hosts from the cluster. Configure the physical adapters and VMkernel adapters. Click Manage physical adapters to migrate the physical adapters and VMkernel adapters, vmnic0 and vmk0 to the vDS.

👉 What is vmkernel traffic?

The VMkernel port is a virtual adapter; that is, it is a special device with which the vSphere host communicates with the outside world… The VMkernel Networking Layer allows you to connect to the host. In addition, it processes the system traffic of IP storage, vSphere vMotion, vSAN, Fault Tolerance, and others.

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Vmware vsphere migration vss to vds vcenter

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From the Actions menu, select Add and Manage Hosts. On the Select task page, select Manage host networking and click Next. On the Select hosts page, click Attached hosts, select from the hosts that are associated with the distributed switch and click OK. Click Next.

How migrate one vmk0 from VSS to VDS in one swoop 1. Deploy VCSA (the physical one) 2. Cluster DC/cluster - Add ESX host (physical host) to the cluster 3. Create VDS, enable Network IO control, and create three vds PortGroups 4. Add ESX host (physical host) to VDS 5. Add vmnic1 as dvsUpLink2 to VDS ...

Step 16 – Once the task has completed, in the “Manage Virtual Adapters” the newly migrated VMkernel ports will be listed. Click “Close”: Step 17 – Now with the virtual machine and VMkernel ports migrated we need to move the second uplink from the vSS over to the VDS to give us redundancy. Click the “Manage Physical Adapters” hyperlink:

Select SvSwitch and click button Migrate VMkernel network adapter to selected switch. This will start new wizard. Also note down vMotion vmkernel port group VLAN id, As I am migrating it first to see the impact. In the Migrate VMkernel network adapter to vswitch wizard box select VMkernel network adapter you want to migrate to the standard switch.

It does this by first moving two of the four physical NICs to the new VDS to ensure connectivity and then starts the migration of all VMkernel interfaces. Once that is complete, it will move the remainder physical NICs and then delete the Virtual Stand Switch portgroups.

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Migrating networking to a vsphere distributed switch in the vsphere client