Malaysia web hosting price?

Breana Heathcote asked a question: Malaysia web hosting price?
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1) Exabytes

WebsiteStoragePrice in RM
212GBRM 3.99/mo
6060GBRM 19.99/mo
Unlimited120GBRM 36.99/mo

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These can build up to cost quite a bit, so we highly recommend a web hosting service that is packed with value and offers a free domain and SSL – like Hostinger. 4. What is the cheapest and best web hosting service? Hostinger is the best web hosting you can get at a budget. At only RM8.09 a month (with their 48 month plan), you’ll enjoy a free domain and SSL, unlimited bandwidth, 20GB SSD – more than enough for small or personal websites.

Domain name is your indentity in the Web. Choosing a good domain name will benefit your business greatly. provides low-priced domain names registration, with FREE domain tools such as WHOIS Protection, DNS Service, Domain Theft Protection. Each domain name is unique. Wait no more!

If you need web hosting on a budget, Hostinger is an excellent all-around option at only RM 22.99 (USD 5.75) per month. However, to help you weigh your options, you can look at the specifications below for various services with the best web hosting in Malaysia options. The Best Web Hosting Malaysia (2021)

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