Malaysia web hosting price?

Breana Heathcote asked a question: Malaysia web hosting price?
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1) Exabytes

WebsiteStoragePrice in RM
212GBRM 3.99/mo
6060GBRM 19.99/mo
Unlimited120GBRM 36.99/mo


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With great network and server uptime ratings, you don’t have to second-guess why Exabytes Malaysia ...

👉 Cheap web hosting malaysia?

You may get even lower prices by opting for longer subscription period.

  • Hostinger MY. Plan. Single…
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These can build up to cost quite a bit, so we highly recommend a web hosting service that is packed with value and offers a free domain and SSL – like Hostinger. 4. What is the cheapest and best web hosting service? Hostinger is the best web hosting you can get at a budget. At only RM8.09 a month (with their 48 month plan), you’ll enjoy a free domain and SSL, unlimited bandwidth, 20GB SSD – more than enough for small or personal websites.

Domain name is your indentity in the Web. Choosing a good domain name will benefit your business greatly. provides low-priced domain names registration, with FREE domain tools such as WHOIS Protection, DNS Service, Domain Theft Protection. Each domain name is unique. Wait no more!

If you need web hosting on a budget, Hostinger is an excellent all-around option at only RM 22.99 (USD 5.75) per month. However, to help you weigh your options, you can look at the specifications below for various services with the best web hosting in Malaysia options. The Best Web Hosting Malaysia (2021)

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VPS Amazon | Get Your 7 Days VPS Hosting Free Trial Now. VPS Hosting Server & 15+ Locations ? 100% NVMe SSD ? 24/7 Support. Free VPS Trial and $250 Bonus.

Bluehost email hosting price?

Bluehost also offers separate email hosting plans on low rate monthly charges. Email Essentials Plan : $2.99/mo/license then renew at $4.99 per month Business Plus Plan : $5.99/mo/license then renew at $9.99 per month

Domain web hosting price?

Increased processing power with unlimited sites, storage and databases, plus a matching domain, email and 1 SSL (with terms of 12/mo. or longer). ₹ 399.60 /mo With a 3-yr term (60% savings) ₹ 999.00 /mo when you renew 4

Hosting server hardware price?
  • For most business servers, you will generally be looking to spend $1000 to $2500 per server for enterprise-grade hardware. Keep in mind that when you choose to buy a server instead of renting one, you need to factor in costs outside of just the server purchase.
Ipower web hosting price?


Price Per PackageStarter PlanPro Plus
Plans Start At$3.99/mo.$11.99/mo.
Buy Starter NowBuy Pro Plus Now
Java server hosting price?


Starting Price/Mo.$19.95
Money Back Guarantee45 days
Disk Space120 GB - 240 GB
Domain NameNew or Transfer
Java Hosting
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Here's our research-led ranking of the best Linux server hosting providers, with plans starting at just $1.95. Compare providers and find your best fit.

Php web hosting price?

PHP should not add any additional cost to your web hosting fees, but it’s always a good idea to confirm support for this (or any other) application with your host when choosing a plan. For example, all of Siteground’s plans come with PHP, including the cheapest one.

Price of server hosting?

What 'hosting' is (and why it costs money)

Shared hostingDedicated server
InMotion Hosting$6.39$115.69
Price on web hosting?

Compare SpecsThe Best Cheap Web Hosting Services for 2021

Our PicksHostinger Web Hosting Check PriceFatCow Web Hosting Check Price
24/7 Customer Support
Where to Buy$1.39 Per Month for Single Shared at Hostinger $2.99 Per Month for WordPress Starter at Hostinger$3.75 Per Month at FatCow $24.99 Per Month at FatCow
Shopify domain hosting price?
  • So how much is a domain on Shopify? Custom domain names typically cost $17 when purchased through Shopify. They state that some cheaper domains can be acquired for $11, but through personal experience and research, not many domains fall into this category (and these tend to be with inferior extensions when and where found).
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  • How much does GoDaddy cost? GoDaddy offers 20 hosting plans, grouped across five different types of hosting: shared, WordPress, business, VPS , and dedicated. The most basic shared hosting plan starts at $2.99/month, while dedicated hosting plans can reach up to $179.99/month. Best for Extra Features
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BlueHost offers special pricing for new customers at $4.95/month for 12 months and $3.95/month for 24 months and 36 months. Customer will have to renew at the regular rate after that.

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Here are the best Windows web hosting services:

RankWeb HostPrice
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  • Here’s a quick rundown of the six WordPress pricing factors you’ll need to budget for when using Domain name: $12/year. Hosting: from $2.95/month.
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We provide the best Cloud solution at an affordable price because our customers will pay only for what they use. Thus it will help our customers to focus on their business while we reduce their operational charges. 2. With our cloud solution, we provide the latest technology of hardware and software like - Multi PHP Version, Inbuild Secure File Upload modules, Apache Tomcat server, Inbuilt Admin panel and client panel, etc. 3. By opting for our cloud solution you can save time to set-up or ...

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GreenGeeks lowest price: Its $3.95 web hosting plan comes with unlimited SSD web space, unlimited domains, drag-and-drop website builder, email accounts, unlimited MySQL databases, and much more. Detailed GreenGeeks Review

Microsoft sql server hosting price?
  • SQL Server Web edition is available for $24 per 4 cores on either our Dedicated Server Hosting or Virtual Server Hosting. Microsoft SQL Server Express is a free, feature-rich edition of SQL Server that is ideal for many web & small server applications.
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This is common for scenarios where you have existing SQL Server licenses eligible to run on Dedicated Hosts but need Windows Server to run the SQL Server workload. The price for using Windows Server AMIs is $0.046 per hour per vCPU. For example, if you use a Windows Server AMI to run a r5.large instance (2 vCPUs) on a host, then you are billed $0.092 per hour for the instance in addition to the charge associated with the R5 Dedicated Host.

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Dedicated Server Hosting Pricing Table

Product idSpecificationsPrice /Month
SBINDDS-1Dedicated Hosting Server Xeon E5-2640 CPU(6 Core/12 Threads) / 32GB RAM/ 2x512 GB SSD Raid-1Rs.12,499/-
SBINDDS-2Dedicated Hosting Server Dual Xeon E5-2640 CPU(6 Core/12 Threads/ 2.5 Ghz) / 64GB RAM/ 3x512 GB SSD Raid-5Rs.14,499/-
Web hosting price in pakistan?

Starting from just Rupees 1900/- PKR with a Free .com, Security Certificate (SSL) for one year with installation, cPanel or Plesk panel and the most beautiful plus incredible thing is that there is no difference of price whether you go for Linux or Windows, simply value and cost is about the same. Low.