Major web hosting company?

Marianne Herman asked a question: Major web hosting company?
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  • GoDaddy is the most popular and largest web hosting company out there. Though it’s perhaps best-known as a domain registrar (despite its first-place position on this list), GoDaddy offers a wide selection of web hosting plans for all budgets, ranging from cheap shared hosting to affordable managed WordPress hosting.

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GoDaddy is one of the largest domain hosting companies and best web server hosting company out of the world.

Web hosting companies need to ensure a minimum of 99.9% uptime rate, which is the industry standard. Anything more than about 10 minutes of downtime a week is fatal. The main reasons for unplanned, emergency downtime are hardware or software failure, security breaches, and administrator errors. Planned downtime, for inevitable maintenance, is best performed at night or off-peak hours when the website visitor count is usually at its lowest. Web hosting providers strive to maintain high uptime ...

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