Longterm cheap web hosting?

Favian Hill asked a question: Longterm cheap web hosting?
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  • Hostinger can be almost astonishingly cheap if you choose a long-term subscription. And as running an ecommerce store should be seen as a long-term commitment, there should be no problems with being willing to pay for a longer order. In practice the cheapest Hostinger plan costs, at the time of writing this, only around $1 per month.

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HostGator was snapping during its contest for years, and it’s regarded as high of its web. Its shared hosting agency may cost you less than $2.75per month on a 3-year agreement, but yearly prices start at $5.95monthly. There are 3 shared hosting plans each offering as much as 60% reduction for signups that are longterm.

Hosting plans are priced so that web publishers seeking the lowest rates can only secure the cheapest prices by paying in advance for a long-term contract. The list below includes our top 13 choices for budget web hosting in 2021, screened for affordability, web server performance, and the total value of included features.

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