Linux server hosting godaddy?

Abbie O'Keefe asked a question: Linux server hosting godaddy?
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  • Godaddy Shared Deluxe Linux Hosting plan The deluxe plan is recommended for most site owners to choose from GoDaddy. This plan has a lot of features and great storage space. You will get more space and flexibility for multiple sites.

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GoDaddy El Hosting VPS ofrece Linux (CentOS o Ubuntu) y Windows Server. ¿Proporcionan hosting VPS de Windows?

For GoDaddy Linux VPS/Dedicated Servers. 72h: Hosting restore: Restore a Shared hosting account's files and multiple databases from an available backup. For Web & Classic Hosting; Linux Shared Hosting (cPanel; Windows Shared Hosting (Plesk). 72h.htaccess file changes: Make changes to the .htaccess file in your Linux hosting account.

Hosting Account Types and Tiers. The account types are: Linux Hosting with cPanel: Linux OS (operating system) on the server, with cPanel access through the account Dashboard. You install apps like WordPress yourself, using cPanel. Managed WordPress Websites: We'll install WordPress for you, with access to WordPress through the account Overview. Business Hosting: Linux OS, with cPanel access through the account Dashboard.

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