Lifetime hosting packages?

Travon Bernhard asked a question: Lifetime hosting packages?
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Lifetime. Hosting Lite Plan & Lifetime Domain

  • Lite Plan. $19.99 $79.
  • Standard Plan. $49.99 $159.
  • Deluxe Plan. $69.99 $199.

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As a Lifetime.Hosting customer, you qualify for this exclusive promotion to purchase Reseller Rights to Lifetime.Hosting for as little as $2.97 per account! You can sell these hosting packages to your customers and charge them monthly, or sell them for a one-time price like we do. And we will do everything else.

Yes, all our lifetime hosting packages – The one-time investment you make with us guarantees that your account will never end and it can be used for lifetime so you can save the expenses you would have on a regular hosting plan. The cPanel is that the default panel that comes on all our shared hosting servers and it's all the required features to simply create, manage and edit your pictures ...

Lifetime.Hosting Platinum 12 Package by Richard Madison – Best Lifetime Hosting Package for up to 12 websites, including up to 12 GB of SSD-optimized storage with single one-time payment, better hardware, software, better support, and integrate cloudlinux, litespeed webserver and mariadb to ensure the fastest loading websites Lifetime.Hosting Platinum 12 Package by Richard Madison Review…

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