Largest european web hosting companies?

Ole Harber asked a question: Largest european web hosting companies?
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  • Hostgator is one of the biggest brands in the web hosting industry has proven service for European nations. When it comes to best Europe web hosting, Hostgator is most trustworthy name in the industry. With best-in-class support and reliable pricing, it has gained the trust of webmasters and online entrepreneurs.
  • 1&1 IONOS is the biggest hosting company in Europe and a member of the United Internet group. The company is focused on providing everything needed in order to set up small and medium-sized businesses.

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10 Top European Hosting Companies. Here’s the list for you of 10 best European Web Hosting Companies: 1. GoDaddy Europe. GoDaddy is one of the most trustworthy names as far as web hosting is concerned. In fact, GoDaddy has the reputation of being the largest domain registrar as well as a web-hosting provider worldwide.

100) ServInt—A higher-end hosting company that specializes in VPS, dedicated and cloud hosting. Good support and features, but they really cater to high-volume, high-end hosting solutions required by organizations such as large newspapers and big businesses.

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