Java web hosting with mysql?

Jazmyne Jerde asked a question: Java web hosting with mysql?
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  • One way you can host your Java application with MySQL is to build your own dedicated server or VPS. While this allows you to customize your server however you want and add whatever other features you want, the process is complex and time consuming.

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I created a web application which used mySQL data connectivity on my local computer.When i host this application on internet i am not able to get the internet host provided database to bind with my

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So now that you know more about what MySQL is, we will look at how to host a Java web application with MySQL. Fundamentally, it boils down to two options: you can either 1) set up your own dedicated server or VPS and install MySQL yourself, or 2) you can use a specialized Java hosting provider with MySQL support built in.

Java Web Hosting With Mysql Each Cloud and virtual private server web internet hosting have some destructive components which we cannot ignore. The XMPP server supplies you with basic messaging and on-line presence with XML routing options.

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