Is screen printing better than heat press?

Haskell Heaney asked a question: Is screen printing better than heat press?
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While screen prints may hold up better in the long run, you're limited in the complexity of the design with screen prints. Heat transfers allow more freedom in color and sophistication making a more crisp-looking image (but keep in mind the crisp look will not last as long).

Screen printing basically uses screens and ink to transfer an image onto a t-shirt or promo item… This process can be more time-consuming for designs that have many colors; however, screen-printed art tends to last much longer than heat-pressed art. It also requires more chemicals and equipment for it to work.

  • The screen printing method is better than the heat press in terms of being cost effective for large scale orders, design size limitations, and design quality. Screen printing method creates more vibrant and more durable designs while retaining a soft-feel final output.
  • It’s not that one technique is better then the other, because it all boils down to preference. A major difference between screen printing and heat press is that with screen printing it is possible to print gradients. Furthermore, with screen printing, it’s possible to print things that look realistic.

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